Create Static Pages for Blogger

After the long and hard work Blogger has now introduced Static Pages for their blogspot users. Yes finally blogger is comes up with their most awaited feature in blogger like Wordpress. Now users can add upto 10 pages in their blog like a normal website pages. Mostly people were thinking that it’s impossible in blogspot, but blogger make them wrong. People not only add pages in their blog but also add widgets and other content on it. I personally like it that blogger is now moves to another step towards changes.

It’s quite easy to add pages in blogger blog. You just have to go on your blogger dashboard and click on edit post and then upward you will see new option of “Edit Pages”. Their you can add upto 10 more pages in your blog like about me page, contact me page, services page or any other pages you need in your blog and you can also config your pages setting according to your choice. That’s it. Don’t you think blogger is making it quite easy?

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