No Flash in Windows Mobile 7: Adobe Confirmed

After so many rumors regarding Adobe Flash integration in Windows Mobile 7, Adobe is now confirmed that there is no Flash support in upcoming Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 OS. Unfortunately, the actual quote carried by Phone Scoop doesn't mention Windows Mobile 7 or any other Windows Mobile versions:

"Microsoft and Adobe are working closely together. While the newest version of Windows Phone won't support Flash at initial availability, both companies are working to include a browser plug-in for the full Flash player in future versions of Windows Phone. More details will be shared at Microsoft MIX next month."

As we know that the latest version of windows mobile is 6.5.3 can still works with Flash 10.1 beta (Not confirmed). And since we can't find the Adobe statement of Flash Integration on any of its usual press channels, we can't say for sure this quote is related to Windows Mobile 7. Let’s hope that it will integrate in the initial builds of Windows Mobile 7 series.

Windows Mobile 7 Pictures Leaked

Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Mobile 7 OS pictures and interface banner has been leaked. You can see in windows mobile 7 screenshots that Xbox Live has been added and also there are some changes in the interface of Home screen for the OS. In windows mobile 7 the icons for call, messages, e-mails are big and this is reflect that it will be helpful for big fingers persons and also there is a section of Social networking website Facebook and Pictures. There is no more details and update are available regarding the hardware now, but it definitely looks to be the real deal.

Windows Mobile 7 Photos:

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iPhone 4th Generation Pictures Leaked

iPhone repair website, iResQ, has leaked the iPhone 4th Generation pictures. According to the site Apple is going to launced its 4th Generation iPhone with some changes. According to the images Apple is not going to change all body look, but has changed the front panel of the iPhone is approximately 1/4 of an inch taller than that of the iPhone 3GS. The screen is also longer and crystal, but we don’t know exact measurements. Additionally, there seems to be some sort of “reflective, mirror-like surface” that sits right above the speaker.

According to the site the iPhone 4th LCD is "factory glued", like the previous and the first generation of iPhone. No more hardware related updates and details are available. But i will surely keep updates my reader soon on more iPhone 4th Generation.