Google Hotpot, Google Places: Location based Search Engine

Google has just unveiled its upcoming location based recommendation search engine "powered by you and your friends."

It's painfully obvious that location is one of the fastest-growing segments of the tech industry; Google has been iterating quickly in this area with improvements to Places, Images, Latitude and other services with location features. Its newest foray into the world of location-based services is Hotpot.

Hotpot takes all of Google Places' ratings and reviews features and adds a more personal touch. Currently, Place Pages mostly aggregate review data from sources such as Yelp.

With Hotpot, users will be encouraged to rate and review businesses directly from their Google-linked profile. Users' ratings and reviews are tracked with a counter at the top of each profile, and likes and dislikes are remembered and used in Google's recommendation engine.

In other words, it's aimed directly at average consumers, not web junkies who live to search. While Hotpot works well with Places data, its presentation is entirely fresh, both visually and functionally. It presents high-impact data (star ratings and images) for each place in a grid format without introducing too many details such as phone number or URL that might not be needed until the user decides to dig down another level or two.

Another part of Hotpot is its social features. Users can create a profile nickname to separate their Hotpot account from their general Google profiles (the whole web can see the Places nickname, but only friends will see the linked Google profile and the user's real name).

Google uses Gmail accounts and linked Google profiles to help users find their friends. Friends' reviews and ratings will be visible, and users will get recommendations based on what their friends like.

When you search for specific places, such as "sushi Berkeley," in Hotpot, you can filter your search results to see businesses or other places you haven't rated before; you can also choose to see only places that have been rated by your Hotpot friends.

Windows Phone 7 Jail Broken App Demonstrated

Just a week after an Australian developer discovered a way to run unauthorized code, the first ''jailbroken'' app for Windows Phone 7 has been demonstrated.

Blogger Long Zheng reports that WP7 developer Kevin Marshall has tapped into Chris Walshie's efforts to create a rudimentary augmented reality app, in the same vein as Google's Goggles app. The app uses a publicly-available Silverlight toolkit and uses the phone's camera to overlay information onto real-world objects.

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Internet Usage Hits 2 Billion Users

According to a report out Tuesday, there will be 2 billion Web dwellers by the end of this year.
The number of internet users worldwide has doubled in the past five years according to the report, from the International Telecommunication Union.

Much of the big number can be attributed to internet growth in developing countries. The report said 162 million of the 226 million new Internet users in 2010 will live in those countries, where Web access is still growing.

But the gap between access in high-tech countries and those still developing remains big.
About 65 percent of Europeans are on the internet, the report said, compared to less than 10 percent of Africans.

The report also focuses on the growing availability of, and demand for, faster broadband service, which allows users to easily download or share larger files, such as photos and videos.
The ITU, an agency of the United Nations that monitors communication technology issues, said these high-speed internet connections, which are increasingly needed to view modern Web content efficiently, are the key to continued growth.

"Broadband is the next tipping point, the next truly transformational technology," Secretary-General Hamadoun Toure said in a written statement. "It can generate jobs, drive growth and productivity, and underpin long-term economic competitiveness."

Only about 8 percent of the world will have broadband access this year, according to the report.

Facebook Vs. Gmail E-mail Conflict

We know facebook is now introducing its new service call E-mail Inbox. Which is quite getting news from most of the Tech Experts that its a new battle between Google and Facebook.

Facebook is supposedly launching an email service this coming Monday and the hype is pretty high at this point. With many young users leveraging the Facebook inbox as their primary messaging service rather than email, why would Facebook find it necessary to launch their own email service on Monday? One answer is that Facebook needs access to the inbox to determine individuals’ true authority and influence.

If the rumors are correct, this might explain why Facebook and Google have been going at it recently with concerns to user data. Google has been preventing Facebook from importing Gmail data, and perhaps this is because such a feature would help people migrate from Gmail to Facebook email with ease.

Is Google right to be worried? We won't know for sure until Monday, but, in the meantime, here are five ways Facebook email could keep Gmail on its toes:

  • Smarter Conversation View 
  • Groups Integration
  • Integrated Bios
  • Photo Slideshows
  • The "Like" in Links

Facebook has now updated its name server to publicly reflect that the company owns the domain name. Facebook would have to make it public within 24 hours of any product launch, which means that many people are now expecting Facebook to use the domain as part of any email product released on Monday.

Yahoo, Zynga Joint Venture for Mafia Wars and Fish Ville Social Apps

The most famous Social Networking Apps Development company Zynga joins up with Yahoo! for the development of its most popular games on social networking websites and facebook called Mafia Wars and Fish Ville.

These aren’t the first Zynga games to make it to Yahoo! in the partnership between the two companies, but Mafia Wars is easily the biggest. In August, Zynga counted 45.5 million Facebook subscribers for Mafia Wars, with 6.6 million in September for FishVille.

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Get New Facebook E-Mail Account: Social Inbox Service

Facebook has finally announced their E-mail service features for their facebook users. Now you can get all your Facebook Messages, Chats, and Texts all in same place with this new E-mail service same as you use your G-mail, MSN and Yahoo E-mail account for sending and reciecing E-mails. You will get another domain of by creating your Facebook E-mail Account.

So if you want to get your Facebook E-mail account you just have to visit this URL: and click on the “Go To Messages” button Or "Request Invitation" button as pictured in the image below. That’s all you need to do!

Windows Phone 7 Series Launched

As we know Microsoft has released its most awaited Windows Phone 7 (formerly Windows Mobile). Now you have to use this new name of Worlds most classic Smartphone knows as Windows Phone 7. The company has introduced the new windows mobile OS at Mobile World Congress 2010. Microsoft has changed many of its old features to the latest technology; Most of the new features are included in Windows Phone 7, like, featuring a completely altered home screen and user interface experience, robust Xbox LIVE and Zune integration, and vastly new and improved social networking tools and software’s.

Let’s have a quick look on the windows phone 7 video.

China Denies Cyber Attack on Google

Google ChinaAfter warning of strained U.S.-China relations, China's government has issued statements denying any state involvement in the cyberattacks on Google and defending its online censorship.

The statements, issued Monday Beijing time and carried on the state news agency Xinhua, come nearly two weeks after Google threatened to pull out of the country after finding that e-mail accounts belonging to human rights activists had been compromised and separately deciding it was no longer interested in self-censoring search results.

China's state-controlled media has torn into the US position, accusing America of "information imperialism", "hypocrisy" and "double standards" in order to preserve its status as the unchallenged global super-power.

Industry analysts are now waiting for the outcome of Google's talks with the Chinese authorities after Eric Schmidt, the company's CEO, said after releasing company results last week that he expected that Google would change its Chinese search engine in "a short time".

Speed Up Windows 7 in 4 Steps

Windows 7Windows 7, supposedly the faster of the operating systems from Microsoft, shows gradual signs of slowing down when continually used over a long stretch.

Before installing this operating system on your computer
, you should make sure that your computer meets the following basic requirements:

* Processor: 1 Ghz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
* RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
* Available Hard Disk Space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
* Graphics Device: DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 or a higher driver

If your computer meets the aforementioned requirements then you can go ahead and install Windows 7 on your computer.

* Shutting-it-down:The proper system configuration is a necessity for the speedy functioning of the system, but again it is not the only factor effecting the computer’s performance. The system tends to slow down even if used over a prolonged period of time. As such, you should make sure that you give your computer a bit of “rest” at least once every week and completely shut it down.
* Periodically delete the temporary files from your PC: This helps the applications to run faster on your system. For this type %Temp% in the run dialog box and press “OK”. A new folder will open up with the name “Temp” on the top menu bar. Here click Edit–>Select All and then File–>Delete.
* Perform a scandisk: This test checks if your drive is in a healthy condition and also helps your computer run faster.
* Defragment the drives:Even though Windows 7 is said to be the smarter and more efficient OS, it still suffers from disk fragmentation when involving allocation of free space to files on a magnetic disk. Consequently, more time is spent when inputting/outputting the files when the disk is highly fragmented. Thus, a regular disk defragmentation is necessary.To defragment the disk goto Start–>All Programs–>Accessories–>System Tools–>Disk Defragmenter. Here, you can select the volume to be defragmented and the click “Analyze” and then “Defragment” to begin the disk defragmentation.You can select to defragment the volume one by one or all at once.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 to enhance tabbed browsing

Microsoft has filed a patent that reveals Internet Explorer 9 is set to have better tab management options and enhanced functionality.

The patent, spotted by Microsoft MVP Manan Kakkar, describes a system and method for selecting a tab within a tabbed browser. Originally filed in September 2009, the patent reveals that the Quick Tabs feature in Internet Explorer is likely to be enhanced with better functionality and greater tab management options. In Internet Explorer 8 Quick Tabs simply display thumbails of all tabs open with the option to close them individually. The patent images reveal that the following features will be included:

* Drag and move the tabs within the Quick Tabs interface.
* Tab thumbnails will enlarge on mouse-hover.
* In case your tab row was over flowing with tabs and in Quick Tabs you were to hover the mouse on a tab not currently visible on the tab bar, the overflow icons would change appearance.

Microsoft originally announced and demonstrated Internet Explorer 9 at PDC 2009. IE 9 will take advantage of the power of the GPU for all page rendering and developers can exploit this using CSS, DHTML and javascript. Microsoft believes IE9 will result in smoother rendering and improved performance. Interoperability and standards support is increasing and features such as rounded corner CSS support will be built in. A new JS engine will also be built into Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft officials offered no time lines or indications as to when a build of Internet Explorer 9 will be available publicly. Neowin understands Microsoft are on target to provide an early technical preview build at MIX 2010 in March.Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 9Source: neowin

Facebook Registered "Face" Trademark

Facebook has been registered the word "Face" as a trademark which is issued by the US Patent And Trademark Office as a “Notice Of Allowance” for trademarking the word “Face”

Facebook has been stepping up their efforts to fend off companies who leverage their name as part of a site and now Facebook has one more arsenal in their ongoing battle against supposed trademark infringers, like Lamebook, who has now been blocked from posting any content on Facebook, crippling the site’s traffic. Given how comment the word “face” is, it’s incredible that the Trademark Office has let the company trademark the word for “Telecommunication services, namely, providing online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among computer users in the field of general interest and concerning social and entertainment subject matter, none primarily featuring or relating to motoring or to cars”.

While Apple’s recent FaceTime product isn’t a chat room, one has to wonder if it would infringe on Facebook’s soon-to-be-owned trademark on the word “Face” since it’s technically a “telecommunication service”.

'Angry Birds' Available for Wii, PS3, Xbox 360

"Angry Birds," one of the most successful mobile games in history, is taking its bird-slinging game mechanics to a new platform: the traditional game console.

Rovio, the company behind the popular iPhone and Android game franchise, says that it is working on a version of the game for the Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3.

CEO Peter Vesterbacka also told the BBC that the games would launch next year, although he wouldn't reveal much more beyond that.

Vesterbacka also revealed a second piece of news: the company is actively working on "Angry Birds 2." The new game isn't a sequel to the original though, but is instead a completely new game featuring the angry birds and the evil pigs.

As for the premise of the game, Vesterbacka told the BBC that, "the pigs will be a lot more active than just being slingshotted at by birds."

He also added that there will be a lot more of the pigs in "Angry Birds 2."

Amazon To Buy LivingSocial: Groupon Rival

After Google conspiracy to buy Daily Deals website Groupon now Amazon also comes up with their strategy to compete in market of daily products and deals.

Amazon soon going to buy Groupon most successful rival LivingSocial. swooped in Thursday with a 175$ million investment in LivingSocial, Groupon's most successful competitor. As we know Google always in search of some unique kind of products and service to buy and provide better option to their customers all over the world. LivingSocial is currently booking average daily sales of more than $1 million, and is projected to top $500 million in revenue in 2011, the company said. Based in Washington, D.C., the site has 10 million subscribers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland and Australia.
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Groupon Rejects Google 39's $6 Billion Offers

As we told you last night about Google to buy Groupon (A daily deals coupon website). Like Amazon to buy LivingSocial, Groupon most successful Rival, But it seems that it’s not easy to buy any website for money as compare to its revenue in a year.

According to report now Groupon have rejects Google's $6 Billion offer. Citing two sources familiar with the talks, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Groupon, a fellow resident of Chicago, has decided to go it alone, passing up an offer to be acquired by Google for between $5 billion and $6 billion. The report suggested Groupon hasn't made a final decision about whether it wants to pursue an initial public offering but might go down that road next year.
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WikiLeaks Back With New Domain URL

The most controversial website for leaking U.S Documents was shutdown before, because it was facing massive cyber attacks. But now Wikileaks came back online with a New Domain URLs.

"WikiLeaks moves to Switzerland," the group declared on Twitter, although an Internet trace of the new domain name suggested that the site itself is still hosted in Sweden and in France.

The original domain was taken offline at 0300 GMT Friday by its American domain name system provider,, following reports of massive attacks on the site.

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Google Chrome OS Event And Web Store Schedule

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Everybody seems to be waiting a long for news about Google next big project Chrome Operating System. So now your wait is over. Google has now plan an event this Tuesday to share some exciting news regarding its Chrome OS. Google could finally be ready to shed a little more light on the progress of its Chrome OS project.

The company sent out invitations to an event next Tuesday, December 7, in San Francisco "where we plan to share some exciting news about Chrome," according to a copy of the invitation. No further details were provided.
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Samsung's Google Nexus S Smartphone Review and Features

Finally Samsung’s Google Nexus S Smartphone has been released and all the hype and wait is over. The new Nexus S Smartphone is seems to be one of the best Android based Smartphone with fully loaded features. Nexus S to run Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread), the new version of Android sports many improvements over Froyo (2.2), including a lot of great new features for developers.

Samsung Nexus S will be hitting Best Buy shelves in the US after December 16th (December 20th in the UK). It will feature a 4″ contour display, a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, front and rear cameras, 16GB of internal storage, NFC capabilities, and much more. Best Buy in the US has announced a price of $529 unlocked and without a contract. With a two-year service agreement, the phone will be $199. In the UK, reports are saying that it will be £549 unlocked and £35 on contract.
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Amazon Free Shipping Secret

Many people are not aware of Free Shipment policy of Amazon. Today i am going to share my tips regarding free shipment of amazon. Now you can invite your four household member to use your Amazon Prime Membership Account (79$ Year) for two days free shipping. You can actually share your Prime membership with up to four "household" members. A lot of people don't know about this option because it placed in the settings menu under "Your Account" tab.
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White iPhone 4 Release Date 'Spring 2011'

We all know that everybody seems to be waiting for all new Apple White iPhone 4 and wants to know that exact release date of White iPhone 4. It has been observed that that new release date of Apple White iPhone 4 is delay till "Spring 2011" (or Autumn 2011 for those of us under the equatorial line). Exciting for some, we are sure it will certainly match the rest of Apple’s white products.

Apple confirmed this new release date of White iPhone 4 in back of the following Apple Product banner.
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Touchscreen Gadget Gloves Gear Users Should Have

Now a days, Touchscreen Gadgets are really getting popular and people loves to have touchscreen gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Droid Phones, Storm etc. So today i am sharing some useful Gloves for touchscreen lovers. Because winter seasons are up now and you really have to take your gloves off to send a text?? Not in this weather now.

Many touchscreen gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Android and other Smartphone’s require tiny amounts of charge from your fingertips to operate. Because of this, sticking a great big glove between your finger and the screen kills the conductivity.

We have picked up the best five pairs of gloves for gadget and touchscreen lovers in this winter season, so have a look through our choices and recommended gloves below and Buy yourself the one you should have for your touchscreen equipment. :)
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Earn Free Gifts and Products at LOCKERZ

Today, i am sharring one of the popular and amazing website with you. Whos name is LOCKERZ. This website was launched early 2010. The basic concept of this website is to promote product online and Send Free Gifts to their valuable users they didn't charge any thing for any product you just have to earn PTZ by various ways and then you can get any prize of your choice at free of cost of course. Many people had already received their Free Gifts. You guys can also try it once at least. You have nothing to loose but have many free gifts to earn.

Basic Concept of LOCKERZ

Lockerz is an invitation-only website created to connect members through commerce, content and social networking. Once invited, you'll be able to watch exclusive video, buy great products, discover new music, play games, and connect with friends. You'll be able to do this all in one place, AND you'll get rewarded for just doing the things you love. When you watch a video, play a game, or even log in, you'll earn Pointz (or "PTZ") Lockerz own form of currency. Turn around and redeem your PTZ for incredible merchandise, unique experiences and exclusive deals and sales.
Our mission is to be your daily habit, not a site for your parents or grandparents looking for their long-lost friends from kindergarten. Thanks to our millions of members around the world, Lockerz is already taking off beyond our greatest expectations. While still in beta, we've been sending today's most coveted items, from iPods to Xboxes, to members around the globe who have redeemed their PTZ and earned great prizes.
Too good to be true? Why are we doing this? To thank you for joining early. To build a Lockerz community of leaders and trendsetters. To give you a taste of how PTZ will work when we go live in early 2010. And to test out different prizes and PTZ levels. That's key. This version of PTZ Place is a test. PTZ levels will change when the full Lockerz site launches.
We're excited to have our early members join now, and explore and help shape the site before our official launch. We hope you'll join us.
If you guys wants to try and earn Free Gifts then just leave your E-Mail Address here in Comments and i will invite you all within 24 hours or you can also Subscribe to this Blog or you can send us E-Mail directly by Contact Us at upper top right corner.
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Drive more traffic to your website

If you are really concern about your website traffic then you should focus on driving more traffic in different ways. Internet is a bunch of a website and every minute there is new website published and every new website needs a customer and visitors, because without any traffic or visitors there is no reason of making a website. The best possible way to get more traffic to a website is to build back links to your website or you can say the links which locate your website.

Google and other search engines only consider a quality back links. So you have to focus on quality and do-follow back links. There are two types of back links which are counted. One is Do-Follow and other is No-Follow. Many people says that there is no used of No-Follow links but in my opinion No-Follow links have potential also as like Do-Follow. But the main thing that Do-Follow links can do for your website is to build strong back links on the eye of search engines. Which really helps your website to get more traffic? Many websites are providing opportunity for a webmasters to build back links on their websites. You can find many of them on Google. Just type “Do-Follow Directories”. You will find many website directories, do-follow blogs, social bookmarking websites, Do-follow articles, forums etc.

Another yet important factor to drive traffic is Social Networking websites. Social networking websites are now one of the best and effective ways of providing traffic in time to time. Almost every person today using every social networking websites, some of the famous one is Facebook, Twitter, Friendsfeed etc. You can contact with people live and keep them update with your content then they will follow your website and you can get some potential customers from that social networking websites.

Apple iPad Apps and Games

Apple iPad may not have many features like iPhone. But iPad has now become one of the great technologies which Apple has introduced after iPhone or iPad. There are many tablet pc's are come before iPad. And many companies are now starting working on tablet pc. Microsoft also has touch screen technology known as Microsoft Surface. But iPad have potential to not make their users disappoint from the lake of features.

Many people like the big screen of iPad and they really feels that it almost the best choice for their entertainments. According to the latest survey report. People are getting much interest in iPad because of its large and thin display. They love to watch movies in that big screen and also they like to play their favorite games on it.

According to the Apple iPad can run all the Apps and games of iPhone. So people can also play that applications and games in their iPad without ant conflict. Many developers are also getting engaged with iPad development to develop some of the effective games and applications for iPad users and which PC or online games would be ripe for iPad treatment. So it’s really great news for them.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for $34: Amazon Sale

Good news for Microsoft product lovers. Now you can get Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 Keyboard and Mouse at discounted and sale price of just $34. The original price of this product is 70$, but Microsoft and Amazon is offering 50% discount on Wireless Keyboard and Mouse in cheap and discounted price for their valuable customers. This offer is limited so get your hands on New Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 Keyboard and Mouse Combo for just $34 only.

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Amazon Sale: iPhone 4 Cases & Covers at Discounted Price

Now you can get beautiful and colorful iPhone Cases and Covers at discounted and cheap price of $10 each. Make your iPhone more attractive by these colorful and theme decorated iPhone cases and covers and make your iPhone look unique and attractive.

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