Microsoft Set New Motto Label "Be Whats Next"

Microsoft is all set to introduce company's first and new Motto called "Be What's Next". Today at the annual Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX) Conference, a showcase event for the company’s own employees and a few selected people, Microsoft introduced its new motto. This new motto was rumoured last month and many people whats to know what the truth behind it.

The new tag line was first officially shown in a video which also emphasises how flexibility exists between the various brands from Microsoft and partners. Some assumed that the ribbon icons within the video indicated that Microsoft was about to announce a brand new set of logos for its products. This new logo helps microsoft to market their products quite effectively and getting more visiblity amongst people.

You can also check out the new look of Microsoft Logo with its Motto label. Its looking great and quite catching.

Trailer of the Movie "The Social Network" - Facebook

The first look of the movie based on Facebook Story has revealed and the teaser of "The Social Network" is looking quite promising. Everyone is seems to be so excited to watch the movie. You can also check out the trailer of the Movie.

30 Amazing Facts About Facebook

As we know facebook is one of the fastest growing social networking website today with several users all over the world. When facebook came first no one think off its popularity chart will grow so rapidly that people will get addicted from it. But you can check your self the popularity graph and the facts and statistic of facebook as compare to 2005 to 2010 on the following chart.

Click to Enlarge Image:

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Screenshots Revealed

Boy Genius has revealed the screenshots of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. The screenshots consists on major development of Microsoft Office 2011 applications of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2011.

The appearance of Microsoft Office 2011 are much like Office 2010, Ms. Office 2011 for Mac includes the ribbon on every application and with several new functions are also integrated in it. Ms. Office 10 was lack of Outlook but this will also be the first time Outlook will be available in the Office Suite for the Mac. The appearance between Outlook for Windows and Mac appear to be similar, including a mail preview pane, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes available for use.

The screenshots also show a quick search in the toolbar for Outlook, Excel, and Word, for searching within your inbox, spreadsheet, or documents. Office 2011 is also said to include the same multi-use feature that Office 2010 includes, allowing for you and your co-worker to work on the same document at the same time.

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 beta Released

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 platform. The latest Microsoft Messenger provides several new features and update. The latest Microsoft Messenger beta, Build for Mac 8 Beta offers a audio/video feature for Windows Live users. Mac users will be able to share webcam and audio conversations with each other and their Windows counterparts through latest Microsoft Messenger.

The latest messenger software is still in beta process and has several known issues such as emoticons visibility, some video/audio calls do not work on certain configurations and display pictures do not display in the conversation window. Microsoft has not confirmed when a final version will be available. But you can try this latest version by your self to check more features and upgrade functions.

Download: Messenger for Mac Beta

Support for Windows XP SP2 and Vista RTM Ending Soon

If you have not upgraded your old windows version (windows xp 2 or windows vista RTM) to a latest version of windows (windows 7 or Windows Vista SP1) then you may faced some problem in near future because Microsoft is soon going to stop Support for Windows Vista RTM and Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack 2).

Support for Windows Vista (without any service pack installed) will be ending on April 13, 2010, meaning users must be running Vista SP1 or SP2 to receive any further product support. Users can upgrade to the latest service pack, SP2, for free, providing them with the latest security updates.

Support for Windows XP SP2 will be ending on July 13, 2010. Users still running Windows XP SP2 will no longer receive updates after this date, and are urged to update to Windows XP SP3, a free upgrade, or switch to Windows 7.

Users running Windows XP SP2 64-bit will still receive product support up until April 8, 2014, since Microsoft never released a 64-bit service pack 3.

Google Apps Marketplace for Business

Google has now comes up with yet another solution for their users. Now you can get all your third party applications under Google Apps MarketPlace. As we know Google is already providing online Apps for companies and individual, but now Google is trying to build a Apps Market to provide wide range and variety of Applications under one platform

Vic Gundotra, vice president of engineering for Google said:

The Google Apps Marketplace will allow Google Apps users to purchase third-party applications to run atop the Google Apps suite. Developers will have to pay a one-time $100 fee to list their applications in the store, and Google will get a 20 percent cut of all applications sold through the store.

To create more business atmosphere Google is trying to focus on more online applications for users so that they can easily access their whole data online with their accounts. The idea is that although Google has an army of capable software developers, it can't hope to anticipate the needs of every single Google Apps users. Third-party developers can fill those gaps and make Google Apps more useful to businesses with unique needs that don't quite fit into the Google Apps suite.

Internet Explorer F1 Bug in Windows XP

Microsoft has now started the investigation to find out the caused of Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 F1 bug in Windows XP. Microsoft officials are now warning that Internet Explorer could allow remote code execution to the attackers but only in Windows XP. Microsoft officials confirmed the flaw could allow an attacker to host a maliciously crafted web page and run arbitrary code if they could convince a user to visit the web page and if the user presses F1, IE will load an attacker-supplied .HLP file with winhlp32.exe. Which allow attackers to remotely access your data online. So people have to look after these possibility issues in internet explorer to avoid this type of attacks in internet explorer.

Picnik Owned By Google

Google has bought a famous online photo editing website Picnik, launched in 2005 to provide online photo editing utility to users and also to store photos online. I have personally used picnik and I was petty impressed by their online features of photos editing and photos storing. I am amazed to know that Google has Bought Which was controledd by 20 employees? Terms of the deal were not announced. I think Google will surely going to do something with this amazing website. Google have already a photo sharing website named Picasa. Now picnik will surely going to hit market soon.

Google product management director Brian Axe more says;

"We're not announcing any significant changes to Picnik today, though we'll be working hard on integration and new features. As well, we'd like to continue supporting all existing Picnik partners so that users will continue to be able to add their photos from other photo-sharing sites, make edits in the cloud and then save and share to all relevant networks"

iPhone and Android users Competition

As we know Apple iPhone is the most popular Smartphone for mostly every person and every type of person wants to hold it once. But after the revolution of Google Android based Smartphone the competition between Apple iPhone and Google Android is on peak level now we can think off and differentiate between the interests of peoples. iPhone and iPad users are mostly same in nature and age while android based Smartphone users are more in male categories. Let’s have a quick look on latest survey of AdMob to know people interests on Smartphone’s.

Gender Difference:

Age Difference:

Apps Difference:

Recommended to Colleagues:

Amazon Kindle Vs. iPad:

Intel Reveal Hackers Attacks

Intel reveal that it was targeted by some advanced attacks by hackers last month on January at same time when Google network has been targeted by Chinese hackers. In annual report filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Intel confirmed that it had been hit in January by hackers.

"Intel network were regularly facing the hackers attempts to gain unauthorized access through the internet over their information technology systems and security boards. It’s the same incident occur with Google network last month in January 2010 around the same time as the recently publicized security incident reported by Google."

Although, Intel did not reveal whether the attacks had resulted in accessing or stealing company's confidential data or information. For its part, Google acknowledged that hackers had stolen data when it broke the news last month that it and other major Western corporations had been struck with what it called "highly sophisticated and targeted" attacks.

Customize windows theme and look

Windows 7 is Microsoft latest stylish windows after windows XP and windows Vista. Many people love the glassy effects in windows 7 and also in windows vista. But with the compatibility issue with windows vista many people didn’t used it frequently, But after windows vista Microsoft released its best operating system with stability knows as windows 7. People love it and used it as a primary operating system after windows XP. Windows 7 is different from windows vista and windows xp in term of stability and also in look wize. Many XP users doesn’t afford core hardware for windows 7 and windows vista, that’s why they love to customize the look of windows xp as look like windows 7 and windows vista.

So for those people who wants to completely customize their windows? I prefer them to used stardock window blinds. Window blinds is one of the popular software from stardock which totally transform your windows xp and make it look like windows 7 or windows vista. You cannot even see the difference between real and artificial. Because WindowBlinds extends the existing painting routines of the operating system, it uses very little memory. You can choose thousands of free skins from their, you can customize Windows to look like another a new take on the standard Windows look, a totally different OS, or something completely different or any other look you want.

Download Link
Current Version: 7.0

Google Map for Mobile Phones

Google Maps and Google Earth is one of the best technology to find your require place or city by your online devices. Full version of Google Earth is only capable with computers or laptops but you can also used Google Maps in your mobile devices or smart phones. It will not only solved your need but also provide you full online support and provide you full map support with your mobile device.

Download and install Google Maps to your mobile phones, and never carry other map paper again with you. And with the brand new Google Latitude feature, see your friends' locations and status messages, and share yours with them.

Google Maps for mobile support most of the Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Java-enabled mobile phones.

Google Maps Video:

Download Link:
Download Google Map for mobile phones

Create Static Pages for Blogger

After the long and hard work Blogger has now introduced Static Pages for their blogspot users. Yes finally blogger is comes up with their most awaited feature in blogger like Wordpress. Now users can add upto 10 pages in their blog like a normal website pages. Mostly people were thinking that it’s impossible in blogspot, but blogger make them wrong. People not only add pages in their blog but also add widgets and other content on it. I personally like it that blogger is now moves to another step towards changes.

It’s quite easy to add pages in blogger blog. You just have to go on your blogger dashboard and click on edit post and then upward you will see new option of “Edit Pages”. Their you can add upto 10 more pages in your blog like about me page, contact me page, services page or any other pages you need in your blog and you can also config your pages setting according to your choice. That’s it. Don’t you think blogger is making it quite easy?

If you like it then comments. Thank you

Apple iPad possibility to connect with Windows 7

Win 7According to Critix, Users will be able to run Windows 7 on the new Apple iPad when it released in March, at least virtually. The Citrix Receiver software currently works with the iPhone and iPod, allowing users to virtually connect to Windows from your device.

The Citrix Receiver software works with unmodified Windows 7 applications. The company mentioned in their blog that the iPad will be perfectly suitable to support a Windows 7 virtually:

“It turns out the 9.7 inch display on the iPad with a 1024×768 screen resolution works great for a full VDI XenDesktop. Windows applications run unmodified and securely in the data center, and even multiple applications at once.“

Vice President Chris Fleck said, “If your company has XenDesktop or XenApp you will be happy to know you will be able to use your iPad for real work as well.” The virtualization software already works great on the iPad SDK kit, and the company promises the application will be ready when the iPad launches.

Windows 7 RC expiration begins in two weeks

Windows 7 RCA reminder for the expiration of Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) has issued by Microsoft. Users will get their notification.

Windows 7 RC does not expire until 1 June 2010 but from February 15 users will begin seeing expiration notifications in the task bar one time per day and then a Notification Wizard one time every four hours and then one time every hour. After March 1 Windows 7 RC users will experience shut-downs every two hours. A brief summary of the events can be found below:

Effective February 15, 2010, the expiration notification process begins:

* Windows 7 RC users receive an expiration notification in the task bar one time per day.
* Windows 7 RC users are presented with the Notification Wizard one time every four hours and then one time every hour.

Effective March 1, 2010, Windows 7 RC enters the next phase of expiration:

* Expiration notifications in the task bar continue.
* Computers that are running Windows 7 RC restart every two hours.

Effective June 1, 2010, Windows 7 RC expires:

* Windows starts to a black desktop.
* Windows 7 RC users are presented with a Windows Activation screen. The screen states that the Windows that you are running is not genuine.
* Computers that are running Windows 7 RC restart every two hours.

Microsoft Launches Silverlight For Facebook

MS SilverlightFacebook and Microsoft have partnered to create a standalone Facebook client powered by the new Silverlight 4 Beta technology. The client allows you to browse and interact with Facebook with a completely different interface, and a glossy one at that. To be completely honesty, the client is gorgeous, and the complete integration with Facebook legitimately makes this a better way to browse Facebook than itself, in my opinion.

Starting up the Silverlight client, you’re first bombarded with a series of permissions dialogs, asking whether you are are willing to allow the application to have access to every aspect of Facebook: News Feeds, Wall, Messages and more. The process isn’t overly annoying, because frankly, as Facebook users, we’ve come to expect the permissions requests before utilizng applications. The Facebook Connect permissions dialogs are pretty standard across sites, and lend a bit of authenticity to applications.

After this process, you arrive at the heart of the client, and it is quite striking in a complete black finish. Silverlight really demonstrates its strength here, with lots of available space and big fonts. Browsing is quite easy, and my various friends lists are listed along the left side of the client. The most impressive element of the new interface is the photo album on the right side, it’s a unique way of showing the recent photos within my network. The events tab is also a completely superior alternative to the way that the Facebook Events calendar can be viewed.

One glaring omission is in the system is Facebook Chat, but I imagine this is part of future releases. Another problem was the lack of search anywhere on the client: At least give me a Bing or something. Finally, I had a real problem when trying to look at some specific photos from my friends feed, I kept getting this error: ”the owner of this album did not make this available to this application”. Applications themselves are not available on the client, understandably.


Google Reveal Chrome OS tablet concept

Chrome TabletGoogle’s upcoming Chrome OS is being primarily designed for netbook computers, which has shown its interest in tablet computing with its browser-based Chrome OS, it could be the ideal operating system to run on a tablet device – and this is an option that Google is considering. More information about how the new operating system could be optimised for such a form factor is revealed in documentation on Google’s Chromium projects website.

On Monday, Glen Murphy, a user interface designer for Google's Chrome browser and the Chrome operating system based on it, pointed to image and video concepts of a Chrome OS-based tablet that went live two days before the iPad launch. Apparently nobody noticed initially, because only now did Murphy tweet, "Apparently our tablet mocks have been unearthed."

The site also shows the array of devices Google envisions for Chrome OS.

"While its primary focus is Netbooks, Chrome OS could eventually scale to a wide variety of devices. Each would have vastly different input methods, available screen space, and processing power," according to the Chromium form factors site. Chromium is the name of the open-source developer project that underlies the branded Chrome product.

It's possible that Chrome OS could be an easier sell on tablets than on Netbooks, the class of device on which Google said it plans to launch Chrome OS. Netbooks often are used as general-purpose PCs, so the browser-based philosophy of Chrome OS is a more jarring transition.

Today's tablets, in contrast, tend to focus more on a collection of specialized uses such as reading books, surfing the Net, and chores that only require light typing. With that approach, Chrome OS's break from the PC world could be less jarring. The tablet market isn't as big as the Netbook market, though.

The ideas are only mock-ups, but Google has established itself as a real if not dominant force in the computing industry. Its Android mobile phone operating system is increasingly influential, and its Chrome browser continues to steadily grow in usage.

Chrome Tablet PC

Google releases first Nexus One software update

Google NexusOne
After the successful launced of Google first Android based Smartphone Google Nexus One, now Google has released a firmware update for its Nexus One smartphone, which fixes a few bugs whilst also bringing some pretty major features.

The first change is that under the All Apps menu, Google Goggles will now be available directly from your Nexus One, with Google saying, “Just use your Nexus One camera to start searching the web.” Google Maps has undergone an update, bringing it to version 3.4, with the following changes (according to Google’s Nexus One blog post):

* Starred items synchronized with – access your favorite places from your phone or computer.
* Search suggestions from your personal history – makes it easy to search places you’ve searched for before.
* Night mode in Google Maps Navigation – automatically changes your screen at night for easier viewing and driving.

Perhaps the biggest improvement, however, is that the Nexus One now supports a pinch-to-zoom gesture in the Browser, Maps and Gallery applications. This is a pretty major feature for users of the phone, who will no doubt get a lot of use out of it. Lastly, Google fixed some 3G issues, meaning it should now have somewhat improved connectivity.

The firmware will download over the air if you own a Nexus One, meaning you should see a notification in the phone’s status bar when it’s ready to be installed. If you don’t, be patient – Google hopes that everyone will have the update by the end of the week.

Google stop Gmail supporting for IE 6

Google is also thinking to cutting Gmail support for Internet Explorer 6 due to its inability to handle modern-day web technologies and latest features of websites. At that point, it was unclear which services were included in this. ComputerWorld reported that, yesterday, a Google spokesman confirmed that Gmail will be among the apps that Google will no longer support in IE6.

“We plan to stop supporting older browsers for the rest of the Google Apps suite, including Gmail, later in 2010″

While dropping IE6 is an essential step in pushing the Internet forward, Gmail’s inclusion in the list of apps could prove risky, as IE6 still controls 20.07 percent of today’s browser market. True, most Gmail users are probably savvy enough to already be using a more modern web browser, but relying on such an assumption may be a mistake. Perhaps upon visiting Gmail, Google would notify IE6 users of the need to upgrade their browsers. This would be similar to the way Facebook and YouTube have gone about it.

Microsoft is also in agreement, stating on two separate occasions that “We support this recommendation to move off Internet Explorer 6,” as well as saying that, “Microsoft has consistently recommended that consumers upgrade to the latest version of our browser.” Currently, the no-support list for Google Apps includes IE6, Firefox 2.0, Safari 2.0, and even Chrome 3.0. The inclusion of Chrome really shows how serious Google is about making the web a place of standards and security.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review

Sony-Ericsson-VivazAfter introducing Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 now Sony Ericsson is yet comes up with latest Smart Phone known as Sony Ericsson Vivaz. The Sony Ericsson Vivaz, formerly known as the Sony Ericsson Kurara has now gained a video hands-on review and we bring you said Sony Ericsson Vivaz hands-on courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile.

Spec wise the Sony Ericsson Vivaz is basically the same as reported with the Sony Ericsson Kurara with just a name change; however those specs are a 3.2 inch WVGA touch screen, 8 megapixel camera with geo-tagging, image stabilization, and HD video recording.

Sony Ericsson’s latest multimedia-centric phone, the Vivaz, follows on from the Xperia X10 and is the second phone in the new family of communication entertainment phones coming to market 2010. Some say the Vivaz, announced today, looks to bring some serious competition to the smartphone scene with its HD-capable, 8.1 Megapixel camera that can shoot 720p video. The Vivaz also features 8GBs of storage, a 3.2” screen, out of the box Facebook and Twitter integration, access to upload onto YouTube and Picasa in high resolution while still using other features on the handset via Wi-Fi, and a bunch of other bells and whistles.

“User-generated content, especially video, is exploding on the web,” said Lennard Hoornik, Head of Marketing, Sony Ericsson. “With Sony Ericsson Vivaz , we have created a mobile phone that makes it easy to catch life in high quality video and upload that self expression onto the web to share with the world. Sony Ericsson Vivaz offers beauty inside and out with an open and intuitive user experience allowing consumers to capture, view and share their lives and spontaneity in HD quality.”

The Vivaz will be available in selected markets from Q1 in the colors Moon Silver, Cosmic Black, Galaxy Blue and Venus Ruby.

Microsoft Announced Office 2010 RC Date and Pricing

Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft officials have confirmed that Office 2010 has moved into the release candidate stage. The company said it has distributed the software to those in the technology adoption programme.

This means Office 2010 is now officially out of beta. Once it's passed the RC state, it will be released to manufacturing, then offered for sale.

The release candidate period will allow for feedback from partners, which can impact the final build. The launch is expected in June, probably close to the end of the month, as the company says it doesn't expect Office 2010 to have any big effect on third-quarter earnings.

Ramp up, shut down

In a statement, Microsoft said: “Microsoft made a release candidate available to members in the Technology Adoption Program (TAP). This is one of Microsoft’s planned milestones in the engineering process; however they do not have plans to make this new code set available broadly.”

As is to be expected, it offers new versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. As of last month, the beta of the software had been downloaded two million times.

The news arrives just as Redmond's finest has announced that the free preview version of Windows 7 will shut down next month. Users will have until 1 March to spend money on the real thing, or their PCs will automatically shut down every two hours, with work not saved.

Microsoft Office 2010 prices:

* Professional - $499 boxed, $349 for product key
* Professional Academic - $99 boxed only
* Home and Student - $149 boxed, $119 for product key
* Home and Business - $279 boxed, $199 for product key


Facebook New Site Design and New Ads Format

To celebrate Facebook 6th Year. Facebook is now comes up with many new Facebook products and also a new Facebook design. Facebook has been continuously iterating on their new design with the latest version showing a new location for Facebook Chat. Over the past few weeks we have been receiving messages from users who have been part of Facebook’s ongoing user testing of the new homepage design, however this latest design has one significant change: Facebook Chat has been moved to the sidebar.

There are some fundamental issues with this design, the most significant of which is that the number of bookmarked applications displayed appears to be limited to 5 and then the user must click on “More” to see more. The new facebook design is seems to be fast and user friendly and people can change it according to their needs.

While the volume of users being tested with the new design appears to be increasing, Facebook is still clearly in the process of making ongoing adjustments. The most significant change in this latest iteration is the adjustment of the chat. Aside from that, Facebook is only making subtle adjustments at this point. You can see the difference from the last iteration in the screenshots below.

In addition to consolidating a number of links under “Settings”, Facebook is rapidly iterating on the new homepage design which is expected to launch in the next couple months.

Facebook New Ads Format

Facebook is also focusing to change its Advertisement design for a new facebook. Previously, Facebook had tested a format in which 5 advertisements were displayed on each page. With the new “Suggestions” area, the number of ads has been cut down to 3, the same number which has traditionally appeared in the sidebar. Limiting the advertising real estate seems a bit counter intuitive for a company which relies heavily on ad revenue to survive.

As I already mentioned though, perhaps Facebook has shown that the presence of “Suggestions” actually increases clicks on the advertisements. Do you like the new Facebook design? As an advertiser, are you concerned that it may decrease the performance of ads?

Amazon worlds largest online retailer

Amazon is one of the world's largest online retailer providing online shopping solutions to people all over the world, Amazon is iconic companies of the Internet era. Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeffrey P. Bezos, a former financial analyst for the New York hedge fund D.E. Shaw & Company. Amazon aim is to provide world’s largest online bookstore along the way and Amazon is also focusing to expand its business in several dimensions. It addition to selling physical media like CDs, DVDs and books, it sells digital copies of these products as well.

Amazon not only provides online facility but as well as their services is one of the tremendous services in online industry today. Above all they provide time to time new products to their consumers and also occasionally provide products at home with reasonable price.

Internet users can also join Amazon Affiliate program to make the most of from their online websites or blog. They are providing Amazon Associates Program. Which is one of the best ways to monetize your website or blog? I am also one of their affiliate partners.

Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade program for Office 2007

MS-Office-2010As i mentioned earlier Microsoft is all set to launched its new Office product Office 2010 in june and already the product is in RC stage. The Office suite will be updated for Windows, including ribbon support for all products, and will also be launching Office 2010 for Mac OS X sometime in 2010. Customers looking to get their hands on Office 2010 when it comes out later on this year can do so, and for free. If customers purchase Office 2007 between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010, Microsoft will allow you to download and upgrade to Office 2010 for free.

However, Microsoft is only allowing certain software programs to be considered upgradable through your program including the following versions of Office 2007:
Office-2010-upgradeHow exactly does the program work?

Customers who purchase Office Home and Student, Standard, Small Business, Professional or Publisher 2007 can upgrade to that a similar version of Office 2010 when released. Standard and Small Business editions will be upgraded to Home and Business & Professional edition.

Customers will be able to download – or order a DVD for a small fee – when Office 2010 is available to the public. Customers must also purchase one of the above versions of Office 2007 from an authorized dealer.

Consumers will still be eligible for a free upgrade with or without a new purchase of a PC, between March 5 and September 30th. Office 2007 sales and activations must take place during this time frame, in order to qualify for the free upgrade.

A complete list of Office 2010 application include:

* Microsoft Access 2010
* Microsoft Excel 2010
* Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2010
* Microsoft InfoPath Filler 2010
* Microsoft OneNote 2010
* Microsoft Outlook 2010
* Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
* Microsoft Publisher 2010
* Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010
* Microsoft Word 2010
* Office Communicator 2010

Other updated products include:

* Microsoft Visio 2010 (not included in any Office 2010 Package)
* Microsoft Project 2010 (not included in any Office 2010 Package)

Greatest Hits MP3 Album in 6$: Amazon Music Sale

Amazon offering Music Sale for Greatest Hits Album of all time new and old ones for your Christmas and New Year Events. Now you can get your all time favorite Mp3 Music Albums of your choice in cheap price less than 6$.

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