New Google Buzz Features - Gmail Buzz Social Networking

Google Buzz is Google's another latest features they have introduced in Gmail. Its look like after the Google Wave now Google Buzz is also all set to gain peoples attentions. Google Buzz is look like an internal social networking feature within Gmail. People don’t have to worry about new website they just have to get connected with their friends and family within Gmail account.

Google Buzz is almost works like Twitter, facebook and friendsfeed status updates and sharing videos and photos. Gmail Buzz and Google Wave are not same. But Google Buzz adopts the most popular and common features of Google Wave due to which Google Wave come on death watch. Google Wave offers the feature of Media sharing’s, Photos sharing, video sharing and get connected with friends with voice and apps. But the Best feature of Google Buzz is location which is not in Google Wave.
New Google Buzz Features:
  • Gmail Supporting (E-mail, Chat etc)
  • Status and Post updates in one place
  • Get connected with friends within Gmail
  • Follow your friends
  • Buzz your friends
  • Share photos, videos, status with your followers
  • Inbox Support
  • Quick sharing and start conversation
  • See updates from your friends and followers
I think Google is going to change the way people get connect and makes peoples work quite easier to find all things under one platform.

Check this video for more!!


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