Google to Sell Music Online

iTunes is pretty much the place to buy music these days. Cd’s is seems to be getting old now. Google is betting on the future of cloud based storage for your music library. A service Google appears to be calling your “digital locker”. As broadband internet access becomes more and more ubiquitous, local storage becomes less and less important. What do you think about a phone or music device with no storage? One day that won’t seem strange.

The search giant is in talks with music labels on plans for a download store and a digital song locker that would let its mobile phone users play songs wherever they are. Google (NMS:GOOG) hopes to launch the service by Christmas, according to sources. Google is trying to compete with Apple, which dominates via its iTunes Music Stores, accounting for 70% of all U.S. digital music sales. It rose 1.5% to 470.30.


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